Drug Testing and Employment
09/17/14 |
NFL Players Association Approves Terms of New Drug Policy, Although Still Oppressive

09/10/14 |
The Legal Use of Marijuana Versus Drug-Free Workplace Policies

09/10/14 |
NFL May Finally Change its Outdated Drug Policy

05/15/14 |
NFL Is Rethinking Its Drug Policy, Reducing Marijuana Punishments

04/21/14 |
NCAA Reduces Penalty for a Positive Marijuana Test

03/12/14 |
Parody: Death by Marijuana Overdose (MPP-TV)

03/06/14 |
Rob Kampia speaking at Drug Testing Kit Press Conference

03/03/14 |
Marijuana and Workplace Safety: An examination of Urine Drug Tests

02/20/14 |
UFC Raises Marijuana Testing Threshold

02/19/14 |
Professional Sports Committees Rethinking Marijuana Rules

02/19/14 |
Colorado NFL Player Suspended for Marijuana Use

02/05/14 |
Super Bowl Ads Call on NFL to Stop Punishing Players for Marijuana

02/05/14 |
New York Times Editorial Backs MPP's NFL Petition

05/22/13 |
Michigan Supreme Court Protects Medical Marijuana Patients

05/22/13 |
Athletics Update: UFC Punishes Fighters for Marijuana, Not Testosterone

05/22/13 |
World Anti-Doping Agency Proposes Easing Marijuana Restrictions for Athletes

03/20/13 |
MPP Unveils Billboard Urging Nevada Athletic Commission to Stop Driving Athletes to Drink

02/28/13 |
Court Upholds Temporary Ban on Florida Welfare Drug Testing

08/08/12 |
Past Marijuana User Becomes Greatest Olympian in History

02/27/12 |
Obama's DOJ: A Disaster for Medical Marijuana Patients





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